Atollic TrueSTUDIO Download without Debug

Open the Debug Configurations window (Main menu: Run -> Debug Configurations...).

In the Debug Configurations window, if you do not have a debug configuration under Embedded C/C++ Application create one:
  • right-click on Embedded C/C++ Application an select New;
  • give it a name (example: Debug);
  • in the Main tab:
    • for C/C++ Application use ${build_configuration}\${project_name}.elf
    • for Build configuration use Use Active
  • in the Debugger tab select your debug probe (I am using ST-LINK) and the options you want. For ST-LINK, I usually check Verify flash download option;
  • in the Common tab select Debug under Display in favorites menu list.

When you have a debug configuration under Embedded C/C++ Application:
  • right-click on it and select Duplicate
  • give it a name (example: Download and Reset target)
  • in the Startup Scripts tab, Target Software Startup Scripts edit the script. I have deleted everything after the load command and inserted a quit command.
Without comments the script looks like:
set host-charset CP1252
set target-charset CP1252
monitor reset
Customize current perspective to launch your new debug configurations:
Main menu: Window -> Perspective -> Customize Perspective...
In the Tool Bar Visibility tab expand the Launch item then uncheck and recheck the Debug subitem.

Now in the toolbar you should have a debug button with a drop-down list to select desired debug configurations.